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Harris Ranch Inn & Restaurant
Established in 1977, the Harris Ranch Restaurant was home to local farmers and travelers alike. Today, farmers still meet to discuss the latest crop news and to grab a hearty meal in the Jockey Club, a local reservations only lunch spot. Eventually growing and expanding with the addition of the bakery, butcher counter, Country Store, Garden Ballroom and Inn, the Harris Ranch Inn & Restaurant has become a traveler's oasis and destination point when traveling north and south on Interstate 5.

Harris Ranch Beef Company
Known as the home of great tasting and nutritional beef that is aged to tender perfection, the Harris Ranch Beef Company is part of the Harris Farms group of companies. For nearly 40 years, Harris Ranch has raised natural, grain-fed beef that's always tender, well marbled and delicious. That's why from one generation to the next, people who know great beef say Harris Ranch beef is the best you can buy. For more information on the Harris Ranch Beef Company and their custom cut steak, natural beef, and fully cooked beef entrée programs, click here or call 800.742.1955.

Harris Feeding Company
It starts with the modern feedlot covering nearly 800 acres with the capacity to produce almost 250,000 head of fed cattle per year. The beef is then marketed across the West, from California to Alaska, where the name Harris Ranch has come to stand for quality and value.

Harris Farms
Established in 1966, Harris Farms devoted to the raising and training of Thoroughbred racehorses. Combining high technology with old fashioned horsemanship, Harris Farms is dedicated to the development of productive racehorses and has a proven track record in producing winning thoroughbreds.

Harris Fresh
From the heart of the Central Valley Harris Fresh delivers the finest hand harvested onions and garlic to your local grocer. Harris Fresh features the legendary Harris Sweets™, an authentically sweet onion variety developed especially for our customers with a fine palate.


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